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Cornered Audio

Cornered Audio is a Danish speaker brand with a very innovative twist. The speakers are triangular in shape so that they fit snugly in the corners of your room. You waste no floor space, but you do enjoy the performance of a conventional rectangular box speaker. This is because the Cornered Audio design uses high quality drivers and has been cleverly EQ'd to eliminate the usual bass boom of corner installations. And that cable? It runs in a groove to recessed terminals at the back of the speaker and then to the floor or ceiling in the corner apex where it's easily disguised. www.cornered.dk


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Cornered Audio Ci2

The Ci2 is an ultra-compact 2-way full-range speaker. Its patented triangular Cornered design and integrated mounting points make installation fast and easy......

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Cornered Audio C3

The Cornered Audio C3 is an extremely compact triangular speaker designed for hifi and home cinema sound in small to medium sized rooms. It mounts without brackets through the cab...

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Cornered Audio C4

The C4 is a smaller version of the Cornered C5 monitor and sets new standards for sound pressure from compact cabinets. Using a an ultra long-throw 4" woofer with a 4” passive...

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Cornered Audio Ci4

The Ci4 is a feature packed compact 2-way full-range speaker with a wide and uniform dispersion. The patented triangular Cornered design ensures fast and easy flush installation in...

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Cornered Audio Ci4-V

The Ci4-V is a feature packed compact 2-way full-range speaker with a wide and uniform dispersion. The tweeter features a switchable protection circuit for either 8 ohm or 70/100 v...

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Cornered Audio C5

The CORNERED C5 speaker features a one-of-a-kind 90-degree triangular design that makes for a discreet and elegant installation anywhere in your home - in corners, on the wall, be...

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