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Emotiva is a US AV design specialist founded on the desire to offer audiophile performance, excellent features and user-friendly ergonomics at prices significantly below those of comparable products. Emotiva has used its considerable experience in designing for other brands to identify and remove manufacturing inefficiencies while applying its innovative expertise to include the latest feature sets and optimise AV performance. The result is more from your favourite music and films for less: an unbeatable blend of amazing audio, video and price.

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Emotiva RMC-1 Reference A/V Processor

Dolby Atmos and DTS-X object-oriented processing across 16 fully balanced channels......

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Emotiva XMC-1

XMC-1, 7.2 CHANNEL AV PREAMP/PROCESSOR, with a true balanced audiophile signal path, high-performance HDMI video switching that supports up to 4k/60Hz, and Dirac Live for Emotiva™ ...

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Emotiva XSP-1 Gen2

Balanced preamplifier, which combines a pure, all-analogue, audiophile topology with an advanced digital control system......

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Emotiva XPS-1

Compact high-performance phono preamp, perfect for connecting a turntable to any line stage, preamp, or other audio equipment with line-level RCA inputs......

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Emotiva XPA-1 Gen2

Monoblock power amp: Class A sweetness and Class AB power. When you’re in Class A mode, the XPA-1 Gen 2 seamlessly transitions into Class AB mode when needs demand......

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Emotiva XPA GEN3

Fully modular amplifier platform, which can be purchased with anywhere between two and seven amplifier modules installed. A high-current switch mode power supply feeds Class A/B am...

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