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In the US, where billions of dollars are invested in movie-making every year, it’s no surprise that excellence in home theatre and custom installation is given high priority. Certain home-grown brands have become renowned globally for state-of-the-art performance, including Lexicon. Founded in 1971, Lexicon has become one of the world's premier manufacturers of home theatre and professional electronics. Its digital processing is incorporated in the audio production of over 80 percent of all major motion pictures, as well as live and recorded music. www.lexicon.com


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Lexicon MC-10 AV Processor

The Lexicon MC-10 Immersive Surround Sound AV Processor is designed to bring outstanding audio and video quality into private cinemas...

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Lexicon RV-9 AV Receiver

The Lexicon RV-9 Class G Immersive Surround Sound AVR brings the private cinema sensory experience to new heights...

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Lexicon RV-6 AV Receiver

The RV-6 Immersive Surround Sound Receiver takes your private cinema experience to new heights....

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Lexicon MC-14

Designed as the optimal pairing for Lexicon’s RX-7 and ZX-7 multi-channel amplifiers, the MC-14 offers an extensive complement of digital and analogue audio and video connections....

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Lexicon RX-7

The Lexicon RX-7 seven channel power amplifier (7 x 200W) is ideally suited to drive high-quality home theatre and multi-channel music systems. Finishes: Silver. Dimensions H x W x...

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Lexicon ZX-7

Built to power the finest listening systems, the Lexicon ZX-7 seven-channel (7 x 300W) power amplifier is capable of playing back the most demanding soundtracks. Finishes: Silver. ...

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