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JBL Synthesis

Founded in the 1930s by James B Lansing, this LA-based pan-global loudspeaker designer and manufacturer has had a hand in many of the major developments and events in broadcast sound since the dawn of talking pictures. The first cinema sound systems carried the name; Woodstock listened through JBLs; classic studio monitors like the L100 'Century' (4310) played midwife to many of the most memorable recordings of 1970s. In 1989 JBLs were installed at the HQ of The Directors Guild of America and in 1992, JBL created the first elite Synthesis® sound systems for custom installation. The new Synthesis systems and JBL's esoteric 'Project' hi-fi speakers represent the experience and innovation of over seven decades. www.jblsynthesis.com


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JBL Synthesis Everest

The JBL Synthesis Everest Home Theatre system is an unprecedented technological marvel that delivers the absolute peak of sound reproduction. Min Room Size: 100m³; Max Room Si...

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JBL Synthesis K2

Anchored by 3 K2 S9900 speakers, the JBL Synthesis K2 system is ideal for listening rooms up to 2100 cubic metres. Min Room Size: 70m³...

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Synthesis® JBL Pro M2-18

Synthesis® JBL Pro M2 11.4.6, 3D Immersion Multichannel Cinema/Music System, suitable for rooms sized approximately from 70m3 to 2100m3...

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JBL Synthesis M2 Pro Cinema

Multichannel Cinema /Music System. Suitable for room sizes approx from 70m³ to 2800m³....

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JBL Synthesis 4367 system

The JBL 4367 system is a high resolution and output speaker system for large dedicated movie and multi-channel music rooms......

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JBL Synthesis SCL-2 system

This high output SCL system is for medium to large theatres using the higher output SCL-2 in-wall monitors......

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